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LMS full name is "League of Legends Master Series"

The LMS is a professional league for the Garena Taiwan, Hong Kong and Oregon war zones. The spring and summer regular season games are expected to take place for one year. After the end of each season, the LMS will conduct the new season's championship and determine the list of participating teams for the next season. LMS Spring League will be changed to double-circle BO3 system for all clan teams. In addition to synchronizing with the major international divisions, the team also looks forward to enhancing the strength of the entire theater team through mature and regular routines. Season-long points The top four teams will be able to play in the playoffs, compete for the Spring Championship honors, and represent the LMS Division for the 2017 Season Invitational.

The Round-robin is the season match and each team needs 14 games during the season. Each battle takes the Best of Three (BO3) and wins 2 in BO3 Bureau of the team won a victory. The left hand side of the schedule has an odd number of field preemptive options. Starting from the second round of the round, the same set of matches will be swapped between the left and right of the schedule, meaning that the priority will be swapped. The top 4 wins at the end of the season qualify for the playoffs, and if there are multiple teams with the same cumulative number of season wins, the way to rank will be based on the same teams' Competition between the scores determine the rankings, if the team in the comparison between each other's season wins the cumulative number of wins field performance is still the same, then the season playoffs, the details of the play-off norms can refer to league rules.

In the summer, a bubble competition will be held, each of which is a Five of the Best of Five (BO5). The fourth team in the season played fourth place in the third place and the fourth place in the spring was fourth in the spring and second place in the second place in spring ; The third decider battle defeat for the third place in the spring race, the winning team and the season's first team championship, the second defeat for the spring race, the winning team for the spring championship. The Spring Champion is also a Mid Season Invitational team sponsored by Riot in the LMS Division.

※ In any series, the high-seed teams have the rights to choose the first, the third and the fifth field, and the low-seed team has the right to choose two or four.

Summer rallies The summer rallies are ranked seventh and eighth in the spring and first and second in the sub-rallies, with the seventh in the season taking priority from the sub-races Choose opponents in the team and get higher seed status. Summer rallies adopt a double defeat elimination system, winning champion and defeating champion will be able to obtain "2017 LMS Summer League" qualification, the rest of the team from the second quarter into the second league.

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